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We are a full-service advertising agency that’s stood the test of time. Kathy Venaglia co-founded BVB Advertising in 1990 and reinvented the company in 2006 with the new name Blue Chair Advertising.

We believe that we work for our client’s success.  We don’t work to create beautiful ads, award winning spots or brochures that look good in our portfolio.  We create strategic plans that produce results for our clients.  We strictly uphold the goals established at the beginning of the campaign and never stop measuring ourselves against meeting those goals.

We enjoy the entire marketing process from the in-take of information/goals to the follow up measurement of every campaign. Our philosophy is based on the fact that we are agents of our clients. We are paid to be an extension of the client in every way.  We work as partners with our clients. In some cases more like a staff member.