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Media planning and buying is more to us than calling for rates and availability. Deciphering and analyzing rates is important, but after we level the playing field, the true expertise of our media negotiation begins. Our domestic and international relationships and experience are key when planning and buying your media.

We work hard to uncover research and information on each target market/person so that we can work towards reaching them in the most cost effective way. We need to profile your target audience as to age, sex, media habits, interests, issues, etc. This will not be a broad net type of approach, but a specifically targeted rifle strategy. We cannot afford to waste dollars on big picture media unless we know the payoff and have weighed the waste factor against a targeted alternative.

Because we place such a large volume of media for our clients, we’re able to take advantage of media rates that are not available to many other agencies or to our clients directly. When we negotiate a low rate for one client, we naturally are in a position to secure or reduce another client’s rate at the same time. We’ve often surprised clients who thought that they had “the best rate in town” by negotiating the same schedule for a significantly lower rate by way of our volume status.

We use Google Analytics to help measure the quality of the traffic on your site, not just the volume of clicks. We want to know where they’re clicking, how long they’re staying on your site and where they’re coming from. This allows us to really hone in on quality placements and to know quickly when something isn’t working. Online ads have become a very effective and measurable media for advertisers. We prefer to have our clients own their own data through Google Analytics instead of relying on a third party. We work closely with clients to train their team to interpret the data if necessary.